Founded in 1987, the Agency MTDA is a consulting firm specializing in environmental protection and, more specifically, in the management of natural areas.

This expertise is not limited only to the region of South-East, since the company also operates in other regions of France and other European countries and North Africa.

Note that the company merged in 2000 with the SOMI CONSULTANTS company whose shares it acquired in 1996. Founded in 1977, SOMI CONSULTANTS had gained notoriety since its origin in the realization of many studies of environmental impact. As such, it took a very active part in the determination of policy impact at the national and international bodies.

This merger can now offer a wider range of skills to all existing customers and partners of both structures. It resulted in the definition of areas of development:

* Environmental protection and natural environment,
* Impact and records of incidence,
* Urban forestry and landscape
* Assessment and mapping of natural hazards,
* Forest management
* Modeling and simulation, including the development of GIS and digital mapping.