The means and resources

Human resources

Hubert d'Avezac de Castera, Civil Engineer of GREF. He manages the company and the coordination of projects it carries certain technical studies (forest engineering) and oversees all studies.

Isabelle Lagarde, who graduated from ENITEF (National School of Engineers of Water and Forests), with additional training on "relations between wood-rotting fungi and tree, detection and diagnostic tools. It provides diagnostics and plant management plans on trees of park or alignment.

Stephanie FRAYSSE, Graduate School of Environmental Professionals. She is in charge of environmental studies related to water, including those related to pollution and transportation of hazardous materials, and the impact on the environment.

Samuel PILOTTO, holder of a BTS in forest management, technician participating in field surveys.

Martine Meroli, assistant secretary.

Material resources

The average office are:
♦ 13 computers installed in the network, including 3 laptops and Tablet PCs to facilitate the mapping of land
♦ a copier color laser multi-function (A3), a black and white laser printer.
A workshop upscale automatic mapping is available for the production of plans and digital files:
♦ workstations
♦ Color Inkjet Printer (A0)
♦ different Geographic Information Systems (MapInfo 7.0, ArcGIS 9.2, 5.0 GEOCONCEPT, FME, GRASS 4.1, ...)
♦ image processing software (GEOIMAGE 4.0)
♦ 3D software (3D Spaceyes).

Other important elements:

♦ 3 company vehicles
♦ an electrically assisted bicycle (APL)
♦ appliances shooting digital
♦ a video projection system,
♦ a set of field equipment taken from forest and soil data, GPS, ...

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